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I want a very specific kind of photographer/videographer/creative who is looking for their new coach

Are you this person?

- you're someone who loves the business of photography
- you're someone who wants to be a sponge and learn as much as possible
- you're someone who wants to strategise your business so it runs without you
- you want to learn to love the thing you struggle with
- you want to grow. Period.

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My client, Erin, went from making NO money in her business to $7,826 in a week

This is how she did it: She joined BFP and we updated her pricing, her offer and her systems so that she could create an incredible experience for her clients. She has since hired 4 photographers to support her as she is so booked up.

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  • Are you struggling to attract new clients, feeling lost in the maze of marketing, and undervaluing your worth?
  • The mere thought of social media marketing may be causing you fear and anxiety, making you worry endlessly about what others may think of you.
  • Do you wish you just had the solution and could implement it easily?
  • You are ANXIOUS and stressed out at the thought of your business and all the things you need to do.


  • Setting up systems so that clients can book you while you’re shooting!
  • Having new leads and enquiries sliding into your DM’son the daily.
  • Being so confident in your packages and pricing, and knowing they’re a heck yes for your client too.
  • A framework to plan out your social media posts in advance with a strategy to make $$$, so you can set & forget.
  • Staying prepared and in control for all the business that will come from implementing everything you’ll learn here.



The first few weeks in this program are designed to get you QUICK WINS.


Build a marketing plan that generates your dream leads that turn into fantastic clients.


Be held accountable to achieving your goals by a coach who wants you to win!


Avoid the problem of having to many leads and not enough capacity to manage them.

Jo made $3000 from up-selling to a bigger shoot package

Jo was marketing for a content day/mini shoot day and we up-sold her 2 shoots to the value of $1,500 EACH instead.

Why? because we implemented an feel good sales strategy that has her clients literally begging for more.

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- 6 Months Membership
- x2 live weekly group coaching sessions
- Access to our private membership space
- 1:1 Messenger Coaching
- Tools, templates, workshops
- Self run course modules
- Guest speakers

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"Projected earnings for this week have gone up. It's looking like I'II start the weekend with $7826.30 in deposits!"


A big thing for me is to feel safe to share what is going on, you created a safe and respectful place where we can share and help each other.
For someone as shy and insecure as me, it means so much!! And of course the tips and modules you have created are beyond awesome!


You've actually given me the confidence to put myself out there and take steps to grow my business into what I've alwavs wanted it to be. I'm booking more photography packages for more money and I'm actually doing LESS work than I was before!!