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The essential photos you need to get during your branding shoot

What shots do you need when having a branding shoot done?

Here's a list of essential shots to consider during your branding shoot:

1. Headshots:
   - Close-up headshot with a neutral background
   - Headshot with your workspace or business environment in the background
   - Casual headshot with a more relaxed pose

2. Lifestyle images:
   - Candid shots of you working, brainstorming, or sketching ideas
   - Images of you interacting with clients, customers, or team members
   - Photos of you enjoying a coffee break or engaging in a hobby related to your brand

3. Workspace:
   - Overview shots of your office, studio, or workspace
   - Detail shots of your desk setup, tools, or equipment
   - Images showcasing any branded materials or products

4. Product/service images:
   - High-quality images of your products or examples of your services
   - Images of your products being used or services...

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The Vomit Pass

The Vomit Pass

One day you’ll be creative and everything flows.

The next you’ll be wanting to gag at your own work. I heard it from Judd Apatow first. The Vomit Pass.

He continued to say that if you judge yourself on your first draft, you’ll never make it to the next one.

So write it out, take that photo, make that post, share the Reel, tell the story.

Stop being so pedantic over everything.

Nothing you do will ever be perfect, but if you don't TRY, you’ll never move.

I worked super hard and for a long time to be working with and photographing women like this. Photos like these don’t just happen.

I paid my dues and definitely told myself that I suck at my own work.

But then, one day, you’ll be looking at your work and smiling because you know that you’ve achieved your goal.

You’ll finally be happy with your work. 

I’m so happy with this that I open my phone often to smile at it. 


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